Back to life!

My blog readership jumped from 0 to 29, 952 in a day. All thanks to this post which is not even mine. So, I think I owe my dusty old blog a short post!

Well firstly, Happy new year everyone :D How’s 2010 so far?

My year started out really bad. I got into a fight with my mom on the first day of the new year but other than that, the year went pretty well.

Bummed around the first three months, still trying to take in the freedom I had without school. The fun only lasted  for a while especially since my friends started working and I ran out of money. I was so busy having fun I didn’t really planned anything, so for weeks after that I had to settle with very little working hours and too much time to spend all the money I had earned. I was pretty much almost broke at the end of every month.

In February, I had my first real Valentine date and really enjoyed that day <3 February was also my Fuck Free February. I made a promise that I will not say the work Fuck for the whole month and I surprisingly kept that promise. I’m proud to say that I curse and swear a lot less now!

March was a really rough month. I had a lot of ups and down, mostly down. But luckily I have friends and family to help me through the many situation I was in. Thank you, every single one of you. I also had my cheer competition and although we didn’t win, out team had probably the most fun ever!

I went to Hong Kong in April with Joy, Boon and Seetoh. It was my first holiday experience with friends and I really loved it. Macau was really awesome and we had some kick-ass  memories from there.

May! I started saving in May because I had a revelation and I decided that being broke at the end of every month is not how I want to live my life. Saving was really hard for me because I never believed in saving for a rainy day. I always had the Live for the moment kinda attitude. But I’m proudly telling you that my savings have been increasing exponentially and I’m a very happy person. I must say that it’s an awesome feeling to have money in your bank!

June’s been very blah blah. I have no idea what that it supposed to mean but I just came back from work and I’ve been working everyday and I’m too tired to think what I did the whole month. Ah yes, I went back to train. I’m doing gymnastics with the national team now and it feels good to be moving again.

Now it’s the end of June and July is about to come. Bring it on!

Cheers everyone!

Sporty Joe’s Gym Fest!

Gym fest last week I think. I dont know why I bother blogging. Facebook tells you everything haha. Oh well, have fun looking at the peektures!

I dont know what else to write. Bye. (:

‘m out.


I think this was on the 27th Oct, one day before Kat‘s birthday (: and in the midst of out prelims. But we are all too cool for school so we decided to flunk our prelims and go for the Hermes party. HAHA.

I sure as hell didn’t regret going for it eventhough it was abit to atas for us. I MET ASHLEY ISHAM. I’m not kidding you, he was totally there. And there were other local artise but I don’t remember their names so yeah. Ah well, let the pictures do the talking.


Yaye this was taken like ten million years ago but I was just too busy/lazy to post it up.

Blue day yao!


I lost my phone, again.

Yes  yes, no suprise. I was at angmokio and left my phone on the bench before boarding the train. Good job Nabilah. So anyway, I was feeling really lousy cos I really liked that pink sony erriscson phone so Anisa andAdilah bought me a banana and a brownie from starbucks and the playpinkphone! Haha they’re so cute la.

Oh btw, this happened like two months ago. I was just too busy TRYING to study for A’s that I forgot to announce to the whole world that I lost my phone. Haha, next post will probably be about how I lost my ezlink. My life is so boring.

‘m out.





Will update soon, PROMISE! (:

I like caramel milk tea.

I’m so drama haha.

Look who gave me a heart!


Yaeye yaye. I happy :D



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